Drush 12 https://www.tag1consulting.com/ en Tag1 Announces Champion Sponsorship at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023 https://www.tag1consulting.com/blog/tag1-announces-champion-sponsorship-drupalcon-pittsburgh-2023 <div class="field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hidden field--item"> <p>Tag1 Consulting has been a part of the Drupal community for over 20 years - since before it was Drupal - and we pride ourselves on being the #2 all-time contributor to the platform! We are thrilled to be a Champion sponsor at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023 being held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center - June 5th - 8th! Tag1 is proud to announce 5 talks featuring our Drupal experts at this year's conference! You won’t want to miss these sessions! Details are below. ### Tag1 Expert Talk Sessions <strong>Monday, June 5th:</strong> - 1:30pm - <a href="https://events.drupal.org/pittsburgh2023/session/drush-12-modernized" title="Drush 12: Modernized">Drush 12: Modernized</a> with Tag1’s <a href="https://www.drupal.org/u/moshe-weitzman" title="Moshe Weitzman">Moshe Weitzman</a> and Pantheon’s <a href="https://www.drupal.org/u/greg1anderson" title="Greg Anderson">Greg Anderson</a> - 1:30pm - <a href="https://events.drupal.org/pittsburgh2023/session/performance-audits-top-8-problems-we-find-how-fix-them" title="Performance Audits: The Top 8 Problems We Find &amp; How To Fix Them">Performance Audits: The Top 8 Problems We Find &amp; How To Fix Them</a> with Tag1’s <a href="https://www.drupal.org/u/slashrsm" title="Janez Urevc">Janez Urevc</a> - 3:00pm - <a href="https://events.drupal.org/pittsburgh2023/session/upgrading-drupal-10-using-migrate-api" title="Upgrading to Drupal 10 using the Migrate API">Upgrading to Drupal 10 using the Migrate API</a> with <a href="https://www.drupal.org/u/dinarcon" title="Mauricio Dinarte">Mauricio Dinarte</a> - 3:00pm - [Core Web Vitals: Google &amp; Tag1 Improving Drupal’s Performance, User Experience, and Your Bottom Line](https://events.drupal.org/pittsburgh2023/session/core-web-vitals-google-tag1-improving-drupals-performance-user-experience "Core Web Vitals: Google &amp; Tag1 Improving Drupal’s Performance...</p> <div class="more-link"><a href="/blog/tag1-announces-champion-sponsorship-drupalcon-pittsburgh-2023" class="more-link" aria-label="Read more about Tag1 Announces Champion Sponsorship at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023" hreflang="en">Read more</a></div> </div> <span><a title="View user profile." href="/user/michael-meyers">michaelemeyers</a></span> <span>Tue, 04/25/2023 - 05:41</span> Tue, 25 Apr 2023 12:41:27 +0000 michaelemeyers 452 at https://www.tag1consulting.com