Tag1 Quo offers automated security patches and updates for Drupal 6 core and contributed modules and themes.  Tag1 Quo:

  1. Monitors known upstream channels for security advisories relating to your specific site
  2. Notifies you when applicable security fixes are available
  3. Provides direct download links to applicable security fixes and patches for Drupal 6 core and contributed modules

Pricing and Packages

Flexible pricing plans are available, based on your needs and number of sites. There is no minimum monthly commitment. All plans are prepaid and include the full scope of services.

Timing of Notifications and Fixes

By becoming a client, you will be automatically notified within 24 hours about pertinent security advisories and patches for your Drupal 6 site and any contributed modules. Fixes for Drupal 6 core and contributed modules are synchronized with the deployment of official fixes for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.


All security advisories related to Drupal 6 core, Drupal 6 themes, and any installed community modules are covered under the support agreement. Custom code, custom themes, bug fixes, and other technology advisories would need to be covered under a separate project agreement.

Deployment and Testing

For any covered security advisories, we provide a patch tested in our environments by our team of Senior Drupal Engineers. All of our security fixes will work with any chosen hosting configuration. Individual site testing and deployments are not included with the service, but are available as additional services.

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