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Preston So

As another decade comes to a close in Drupal’s long and storied history, one important trend has the potential to present amazing — or unsettling, depending on how you look at it — opportunities and shifts in the Drupal ecosystem. That trend is decoupled Drupal.

Preston So

Drupal has been around for a long time, and its content editing interface has undergone several refreshes over the years, most notably during the Drupal 7 development cycle with the Seven theme. Another administration theme is rapidly changing the game for Drupal site builders and content editors, and it's part of a Drupal core strategic initiative—one of the Drupal community's utmost priorities and innovation streams—to modernize the front end of Drupal for a variety of...

Preston So

Over the last five years, decoupled Drupal has grown from a fringe topic among front-end enthusiasts in the Drupal community to something of a phenomenon when it comes to coverage in blog posts, tutorials, conference sessions, and marketing collateral. There is now even a well-received book by this author and a yearly conference dedicated to the topic. For many Drupal developers working today, not a day goes by without some mention of decoupled architectures that...

Preston So

Versioning in Yjs -- How deletes are exchanged -- Distributed revision histories Tracking changes in Yjs -- Attributing and identifying changes -- Offline editing -- Peer-to-peer versioning Conclusion The previous blog post in this multi-part series about Yjs , the real-time collaboration framework, dealt with awareness therein, and how encoding deletions in the Yjs way can yield substantial performance dividends. Recently, during its assessment of a variety of tools for collaborative editing , Tag1 Consulting...