Whether you are an enterprise or an agency looking to enhance your team and mitigate risk on projects, Tag1’s Technical Architecture and Leadership optimizes team efficiency, increases the quality of delivery, and provides insight from the key authors of Drupal to elevate your team. We empower teams to make sound architectural decisions and solve complex problems in systems, code, and configuration. To drive key business growth, we provide technical leadership and collaborate with our clients and agency partners to develop intelligent, sustainable, and creative solutions to difficult technical problems—leveraging access to maintainers of Drupal’s open source architecture.

Explore the benefits to your organization in greater detail:

  • Release Management Gatekeeping
  • Technology Transformation
  • Technical Risk Management
  • Offshore Delivery Risk Management
  • Multiple Dev Teams Delivery Management
  • Technical Architect Staff Augmentation
  • Development Lifecycle Optimization

Optimize the Difficult Bits.

From implementing best practices and automation, to handling the edge cases of Drupal, or managing complex 3rd party integrations—our team of expert consultants has the experience to reduce delivery risk and increase throughput while pushing the envelope on high performance web systems.

Architecture Oversight

  • Maximize Developer Time — Implement automated processes and testing to increase quality of code, enforce best practices, reduce defects, and maximize the time your precious human resources to get meaningful work done.
  • Minimize Costly Refactoring & Reduce Operating Costs — Do things right the first time to create a secure and performant architecture that scales. Technical Architects review proposed architecture and approach before implementation, working with your development team to provide oversight and advice.
  • Access to key creators of Drupal — Your Tag1 point of contact can leverage the entire Tag1 team. Your team gains access to our entire team’s broad and deep expertise, and the ability to work directly with the developers who are responsible for creating the Drupal architecture your site relies on.
  • Navigate Infrastructure & Application Optimizations — Tag1 has designed and managed many dedicated server and private cloud infrastructures and has deep relationships with major platform providers: Acquia, Pantheon, Contegix, and Drud. Tag1 provides an invaluable knowledge base for developing and scaling on any platform.

Grow High Performing Teams

  • Assess and Enhance Your Team — World leading architects help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your team, and help your employees develop the skills to excel. We will also help grow your team, helping to find, vet, and hire new resources with confidence.
  • Access to Drupal and Open Source Leaders — Gain cultural leadership to improve your developer recruitment and retention. Tag1’s team of architects are some of the most active open source contributors in the world, with a long-history in Drupal and other integrated technologies, they provide mentorship and guidance to contribute.
  • Build Community Engagement in your Organization — Tag1 brings community stewardship as core maintainers of the Open Source Drupal 6, Drupal 7, and Drupal 8 Platforms to your organization. Not only do we instill technical excellence, but also pride in the platform and community.

Engineer Development Teams into Growth Engines

Tag1’s oversight and guidance accelerates businesses, processes, and teams by leveraging automation and decades of experience to drive key deliverables.

  • Bake Automation and Best Practices into Organizational DNA — reduce operating costs, enforce best practices, and get more done with limited human resources through technology transformation. Leverage the architectural and technology process leadership to empower your organization.
  • Holistic Technical Architecture Oversight — The glue, governance, and oversight to unify architecture decisions.
  • Knowledge Feedback Loop — Education, training, & knowledge transfer for your development team is accelerated with access to the top contributors to Drupal, providing a shorter feedback loop and optimized knowledge curve.
  • Leadership to Drive Organizational Transformation — Improving your organization’s agile response to changes in requirements, market conditions, and deadlines positions your business for long-term growth.