Who We Are

Tag1, a global technology consulting firm, is the 2nd all-time leading contributor to the Drupal platform, specializing in architecting, optimizing, securing, and delivering large scale systems. Our unparalleled history of major open source contributions, client list, partnerships with global agencies and the leading platform providers, along with our stewardship of the Drupal platform itself sets Tag1 apart as a leader in the Drupal industry. We provide expert insight into configuration and infrastructure management, security, performance, HA, disaster recovery, and Drupal development services. We have architected and optimized infrastructure and code for Fortune 100s, governments, higher-education, not-for-profits, and growing startups.

Some of our clients and partners include Symantec, Penton Media, Madison Square Garden, Acquia, Blackmesh, ConsumerSearch (about.com), Network For Good, Mentor Graphics, Tektronix, Pantheon, ACLU, American Federation of Teachers, Linux Foundation, ITV, Common Sense Media, and many more.


Software Development, Process and Deployment Workflow

  • High Performance Drupal Development. Tag1 specializes in development across all versions of Drupal with particular strengths in performance, scalability, security & high availability
  • Wide Range of CMS Experience. Experience with several Content Management Systems including Drupal, Backdrop, WordPress; Frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, Django, Flask; and have worked on projects in many languages including C, PHP, Python and Ruby.
  • Code Reviews and Audits. Perform code reviews and audits against best practices.
  • Patch and Contribute Fixes. Bug fixes and patches for contributed modules and Drupal core.
  • Custom Development. Development of new custom modules, and regular contribution of finalized modules to Drupal community
  • Optimize Development Workflows. Development processes, development and team workflow, & best practices: define and streamline workflow and process Improvements
  • Consistent Local Development Configuration Management. Local development containers and environments that are kept in sync with cloud and hosting infrastructure, shared configurations and settings.

Support & Maintenance

  • Tier 3 Support. Tag1 provides Tier 3 support within agreed upon response windows & timeframes for partners and clients.
  • Monitor and Maintain. Monitor and maintain sites, systems, and infrastructure.
  • Automate and Optimize Security Update Workflows. Manage and implement security updates, bug fixes & patches.
  • Port Drupal 6 LTS Security Patches. Actively port security updates from Drupal 7 & Drupal 8 to Drupal 6, as one of two Drupal 6 LTS providers.

DevOps, CI/CD, & Automation

  • Optimize DevOps CI/CD pipelines. Define and review best practices, setup and configure CI/CD systems, etc.
  • Automate DevOps Infrastructure Components. Automation of key infrastructure components including systems configuration management, integration testing, testing automation, deployment automation, automated performance testing, best practices, development workflows, etc.
  • Uptime Monitoring and Telemetry. Production uptime and performance monitoring with integrated stack traces, error reporting, log management and analysis.


  • Infrastructure Security Configuration & Monitoring. General infrastructure management, gatekeeping, reviews and security auditing for the entire stack (including code, databases, os, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Security Release Monitoring. Tag1 Quo, hosted monitoring and Long Term Support SaaS product.
  • Security Audits & Gatekeeping. Code security reviews, full stack security audits, and fullstack gatekeeping services.
  • Intrusion Detection Configuration. Integration and setup of network and host based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • WAF Configuration. Integration and setup of Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions.
  • SELinux Policy Configuration. SELinux automation and setup for infrastructures.
  • Services Container Isolation. Container based isolation for services (Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris)

Infrastructure Architecture and Repair

  • HA Infrastructure Design and Evaluation. CDNs, reverse proxies, load balancing, networked file systems, multiple data centers, etc.
  • Infrastructure Testing. Performance and load validation & testing.
  • Automate DevOps Infrastructure Components. Integrate infrastructure management and configuration management with version control and DevOps - see DevOps above for more details.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring Configuration. Historical graphing of resource utilization, automated monitoring and alerting for potential problems.
  • Disaster Recovery Setup. Backup configuration and validation, geo-redundant infrastructure design, and expedient server deployments leveraging configuration management.
  • Cloud Support. Infrastructure design around the limitations and opportunities of cloud computing, automation, configuration management, and monitoring.

Database Optimization and Data Architecture

  • Database Performance Tuning. MySQL tuning, SQL optimization, No-SQL, data warehousing
  • Database Replication Configuration. Row based and statement based configuration and quirks, third party replication tools such as Tungsten Galera.
  • Database High-Availability Management. Configuration of MySQL failover tools such as pacemaker, as well as clustering suites such as Galera/Percona.
  • Search Stack Optimization. Optimizations across various search technologies: Solr, Sphinx, ElasticSearch, and Spatial Search.
  • Log Warehousing and Analytics. Setup and configuration of the ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana), Splunk, etc.
  • Data Pipeline & Processing. Setup and administration of Apache Spark workflows.

Mentorship and Technical Oversight

  • Technical Architecture Oversight. Oversight and guidance for your team on key decisions, code and infrastructure architecture design and decisions, etc.
  • Technical Leadership Mentorship. Mentorship for executive technology decisions makers and guidance on development team building.
  • Gatekeeping and Risk Reduction. Gatekeeping services aimed at catching errors and problems before they go live, coupled with training and education to teach your resources how to fix problems and prevent them going forward.

Open Source - Guidance, Policies, and Engagement

  • Open Source Guidance. How and why your organization should get engaged in open source communities, the benefits and value to you and your organization, how to get the most value out of open source software, etc.
  • Open Source Usage and Contribution Policies. Organizational policies, best practices, and processes for using open source code, and contributing code to open source projects.
  • Community Engagement Guidance. Best practices to maximize value from your engagement; engagement plans tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Community Support. Module issue queue maintenance and support, community contributions and pull requests reviews and audits.