Is your website slow? Are you an agency in need of technical help beyond your bandwidth? No matter what you face, you can always depend on Tag1's Performance Auditing to uncover opportunities for improvement. Our diagnostics identify performance issues and prevent websites from going into crisis mode before launch. Whether it's a misconfiguration of caching modules or a problem impacting your uptime, our Tech Crisis Team helps digital agencies and company owners identify the problems and resolve them.

We're standing by, ready to help.

No matter what business you're in, it never hurts to have a second set of eyes to review your work. Our years of hands-on experience and technical insight can certify launch readiness. Plus, our Performance Audits can be instructional for small teams that don't possess the expertise to isolate and fix the issues themselves. By allowing Tag1 to assess your code and infrastructure, your team can move quickly and offload concerns about scalability.

The focal points of a Performance Audit.

Tag1 will evaluate the performance of your site by focusing on the following areas:

  • Server performance—Infrastructure-Level Performance analyzes server level configurations and infrastructure design issues.
  • Address security concerns—review the security exposure of your infrastructure and possible safety issues with your site.
  • Cache level up—review external caching layers and how pages are served outside of the CMS based on HTTP headers, cookies, and general request types.
  • Front and center—optimize Frontend Performance focusing on the client-side performance aspects of the site. Specifically, how long it takes to render the page in a browser, image size aggregation, compression, etc.
  • Tooled for efficiency—evaluate Object Caching by reviewing the performance, configuration and effectiveness of the various caching subsystems inside of Drupal.
  • Custom-made for you—review Site Configuration and Custom Code, identifying issues while reviewing custom modules, libraries, and themes or general best practices.

Optional Add-ons

There are a few items outside of a normal Performance Audit that are not included but can be added, should you need them:

Go beyond performance optimization.
Optimize delivery, mitigate risk, and elevate your team.