Whether your website suddenly goes down or if you are overloaded by a surge in traffic, Tag1 is the go-to expert in times of crisis. We solve complex and elusive problems in systems, code, and configuration. Our Tech Crisis Team excels at Emergency Support to address performance, scalability, and security issues. We'll pinpoint and resolve the problems swiftly, so your business recovers with minimal downtime.

Let us prove we're the best.

From growing startups to large corporations, government entities to non-profits—our resume of client rescues is second-to-none.

Resolution Process

  • Tag1's process puts your business on the road to recovery and positions you to avoid future downtime with our high-availability expertise.
  • Tackle the triage—We quickly audit the application and infrastructure, then assign degrees of severity and clear paths to remediation for the issues we find.
  • Verify with the right tools— using the right tools for your specific, business goals allows us to validate the performance improvements you require.
  • Protect your health—for post-emergency care we provide training, documentation, and gatekeeping to ensure all systems remain running smoothly.

Common Crisis Scenarios

  • Gridlock preparation—gear up for high traffic and advertising campaigns that are on an irreversible deadline.
  • Gridlock remediation—respond to high traffic events as a result of current events, media attention, viral content, or social influencers.
  • Tremendous growth potential—demonstrate visible technology growth and readiness for board, investor, or donor presentations.
  • Shop till you drop—prepare for those big sale events like Black Friday, the day before Christmas, and major product launches.
  • Make a match—align your newly deployed stack or interface that isn't playing nicely with the legacy stack.

Enterprises benefit from our Tech Crisis Team.

  • Quickly recover business operations
  • Careful planning for the future to prevent repeat crisis
  • Gain insight from an independent auditor and expert that you can trust

Optimize delivery, mitigate risk, and elevate your team.

Agencies benefit from Crisis Management Expertise.

  • Significant reductions in delivery and launch risks
  • Independent reviews of current architecture
  • Remediation for launch failures