Mauricio Dinarte

Our last article explored the syntax and structure of migration files. Today, we are diving deeper into the most important part of a migration: the process pipeline. This determines how source data will be processed and transformed to match the expected destination structure. We will learn how to configure and chain process plugins, how to set subfields and deltas for multi-value fields, and to work with source constants and pseudo-fields.

Janez Urevc

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 --- In the second episode of our three-part series on the ETL Migration process, we delve into the most involved stage of Drupal migration: Transformation. This episode features insights from Tag1 Consulting’s experts, including Mike Ryan, co-creator of Drupal Migrate, and notable contributor Benji Fisher. They analyze the Transformation phase in the ETL process, specifically examining Drupal’s unique “row-by-row” approach, and the discussion...