Tag1 Consulting's in-depth knowledge makes your team even better with architecture advisory and gatekeeping releases. We take a 360° view of your code base, watching for siloed architecture decisions that impact overall performance. By spotting regressions and avoiding bad design patterns, our engineers help digital agencies and independent organizations mitigate risk on complex projects. We'll empower your team to deliver high-performing, scalable websites—resulting in less stressful releases and more satisfied clients, customers, and development teams.

Can we help you ensure delivery on a critical project?

The way we see it, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With a Gatekeeper's perspective, you'll spend less time in crisis management. It's like buying insurance or peace of mind. Whether you're stretched too thin with internal Tech Leads or a lacking senior expertise, the best way to learn and leap forward is through getting consistent feedback from one of our highly-skilled engineers.

Gatekeeping is the process of preventing web technology crises.

When a business pushes code without review, it is playing roulette with the live site. To preserve and protect your web properties from a tech crisis, we offer code reviews, architecture advisory, and release management. Before mistakes catch you unaware, protect your site with Gatekeeping.

  • Is it up to code?—peer review or systematic examination of your source code may uncover mistakes normally overlooked, improving the overall quality and performance of your system.
  • Skilled engineers will help you—from budget-conscious non-profits to international corporations, more companies and organization turn to Tag1 for continuous checkpoints on their codebases.

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