Janez Urevc

In a digital era where website performance dictates user experience - directly influencing site success metrics like page views and time on site - the Drupal community has worked tirelessly to make Drupal’s performance best-in-class. Now, as a result of an ongoing collaboration between the Google Chrome team and Tag1 Consulting, Drupal’s performance and scalability are getting a major boost. We are excited to announce a new open source automated performance testing framework, designed and...

Lynette Miles

The Automatic Updates initiative in Drupal has made significant progress since we first discussed it in our third-ever Tag1 Team Talk. Bringing automatic updates into Drupal core is a significant step in helping small to medium sized Drupal installations be able to keep running, with less time dedicated to maintenance. In this talk, Tag1 Managing Director Michael Meyers sits down with Senior Back End Engineer and Migration Lead Lucas Hedding to discuss the progress of...

Lynette Miles

As the end of life (EOL) for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 get closer, many long-time users of these platforms are concerned about whether they’ll be ready or able to upgrade their systems. While upgrading from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 should be the easiest major Drupal upgrade ever, the upgrade from Drupal 7 remains a hard sticking point for many users and companies.

Lynette Miles

As part of our Core Confidential series, Preston So, Editor in Chief here at Tag1 Consulting sat down with Angie Byron (webchick), Senior Director of Product and Community Development at Acquia, to talk about her many years of experience as a Drupal core committer, community manager, and where Drupal is going in the future.

Preston So

Part 1 | Part 2 Drupal is notorious for its "everyone has a voice" approach to open-source development, but it isn't easy to reach consensus across thousands of people with different backgrounds and opinions. In addition, Drupal has witnessed countless paradigm shifts in its lengthy history, both in the surrounding world of web development and in its internal workings. As Drupal has grown to power over two percent of the websites on the...