The Automatic Updates initiative in Drupal has made significant progress since we first discussed it in our third-ever Tag1 Team Talk. Bringing automatic updates into Drupal core is a significant step in helping small to medium sized Drupal installations be able to keep running, with less time dedicated to maintenance.

In this talk, Tag1 Managing Director Michael Meyers sits down with Senior Back End Engineer and Migration Lead Lucas Hedding to discuss the progress of the Auto Update system intended for Drupal Core, how it’s different from the Auto Updater module, how it should help you keep your websites up to date more easily, and the variety of projects who are working together on creating this as an extensible system.


Automatic Updates Module - Module

Automatic Updates - Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 Documentation Pages

Automatic Updates - Issue Queue To provide your feedback on this first generation of the Automatic Updates module, create an issue in the Automatic Updates issue queue

Drupal Core Strategic Initiative

More information about the PSA.json feed can be found at the link. uses a package hashing and signing architecture based on the BSD Signify project

Drupal contributors created a php implementation of Signify

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