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This series is designed to equip you with thorough explanations and step-by-step guidance for migrating data from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10, ensuring a seamless transition to the latest platform version.

As this series progresses, we will introduce a DDEV-based development environment, complete with instructions to set it up. This environment is prepared with a Drupal 7 site already installed and a Drupal 10 site set as the migration target. Perfect for developers and site owners alike, we will walk you through the entire data migration process, covering a wide range of topics along the way, empowering you to migrate your own sites with confidence.

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Table of Contents

  • Configuration migration: content types and vocabularies (coming soon)
  • Configuration migration: fields and field instances (coming soon)
  • Configuration migration: field widgets and field formatters (coming soon)
  • Configuration migration: roles and permissions (coming soon)
  • Configuration migration: field collections and field groups (coming soon)
  • Configuration migration: media types and image styles (coming soon)
  • Configuration migration: text and input formats (coming soon)
  • Content migration: files and users (coming soon)
  • Content migration: media (coming soon)
  • Content migration: taxonomy terms (coming soon)
  • Content migration: paragraphs (coming soon)
  • Content migration: nodes and fields (coming soon)
  • Content migration: URL aliases and redirects (coming soon)
  • Content model changes: from nodes to users (coming soon)
  • Content model changes: from nodes to paragraphs (coming soon)
  • Content model changes: combining fields (custom process plugin) (coming soon)
  • Content model changes: splitting fields (coming soon)
  • Filtering out data (custom source plugin) (coming soon)
  • Fetching extra source data (coming soon)
  • Migrate API hooks and events (coming soon)
  • Debugging migration (coming soon)
  • Tips & Gotchas (coming soon)
  • Launching the site live (coming soon)

Introduction to the Blog Series: An Interview with Mauricio Dinarte

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About the Author

Mauricio Dinarte is a senior software engineer with more than a decade of web development experience. Since 2019, he has worked on a wide array of large scale Drupal migration projects, which has allowed him to amass a deep understanding of the Migrate API. He also enjoys teaching and distills his experience in written articles and public talks at Drupal events around the globe. Mauricio holds a Master's degree in Business Administration. He spends his free time reading, learning languages, and writing technical documentation.

About Tag1 Consulting

Founded in 2007, Tag1 is a global technology consulting firm with over 100 team members across 20+ countries and 6 continents. Widely respected for open source leadership as the 2nd all-time leading contributor to the Drupal platform, Tag1 specializes in technical architecture, migrations, performance + scalability, and emergency support for large-scale, mission-critical technology systems.

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