This first episode of the Drupal Migration series of Tag1 Team Talks focuses on the intricate process of migrating large-scale applications, especially with the end of life of Drupal 7 and 9 approaching. The hosts, Michael Meyers and Janez Urevc, are joined by a panel of additional experts, Benji Fisher, Lucas Hedding, Mauricio Dinarte, and Mike Ryan, who delve deep into the world of Drupal migrations. This discussion explores the terminology used in migrations and some best practice approaches to the process, aiming to equip you with the knowledge to navigate the upcoming talks on this topic.


The panel discusses the nuances of migration, touching upon the differences between terms like upgrade, update, and migration and how they apply in different contexts. They emphasize the complexity of migrating from older systems to newer ones, highlighting the substantial changes in code organization and database structure. The conversation also covers the critical task of porting code and themes, focusing on the challenges and strategies of migrating Drupal themes. The panel shares personal experiences, underscoring the importance of considering the specific circumstances of each project when deciding whether to retain or redesign a theme during migration. The discussion extends to data migration. Mike Ryan elaborates on the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) system employed in Drupal's migration API, emphasizing its flexibility and efficiency in handling data row by row.

As the episode wraps up, the panel hints at the rich history and evolution of the Migrate module, setting the stage for future discussions that promise to delve deeper into the world of Drupal migrations. The conversation underscores the critical role of meticulous planning and understanding of the migration landscape, especially when transitioning from older Drupal versions to newer ones. The panel encourages listeners to stay tuned for upcoming episodes that will offer a more detailed exploration of the topics in this introductory session, promising a wealth of insights and knowledge sharing in the series ahead.

For a transcript of this video, see Drupal Migrations: Getting Started.

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