Join us for an update on Gander, the automated performance testing framework making waves in Drupal Core. Developed by Tag1 Consulting and the Google Chrome team, Gander is set to transform how we approach performance testing.

In this Tag1 Team Talk Mariano Crivello, Nat Catchpole, and Michael Meyers share the story behind Gander's development. Learn how it's simplifying performance testing for developers, reducing the burden on maintainers, and becoming a game-changer for organizations using Drupal.

Part one of our two-part series dives into Gander's history, benefits, and roadmap. Stay tuned for part two, where we'll give you a hands-on demo of Gander in action.

Ready to level up your Drupal game? Dive into the Gander story now!


For a transcript of this video, see Gander: Performance Testing Made Easy.