Michael Meyers

We discuss Gander, an automated performance testing framework for Drupal, and how it contributes to the path toward a more sustainable future with Drupal.

Mariano Crivello

In this second part (check the first part!) of our Tag1 Team Talk on Gander, the new Automated Performance Testing Framework integrated into Drupal Core, we get a live demo from Nat Catchpole (aka. Catch), the lead developer on the project. Nat takes us on a tour through this high-impact tool developed by Tag1 in collaboration with the Google Chrome Team, showing you how you can get up and running with automated performance testing...

Michael Meyers

Discover what sustainability really means in tech in our latest Tag1 Team Talks episode. Learn how the Drupal community contributes to this vital cause and how you can get involved

Michael Meyers

Join us for an update on Gander, the automated performance testing framework making waves in Drupal Core. Developed by Tag1 Consulting and the Google Chrome team, Gander is set to transform how we approach performance testing. In this Tag1 Team Talk Mariano Crivello, Nat Catchpole, and Michael Meyers share the story behind Gander's development. Learn how it's simplifying performance testing...

Janez Urevc

In a digital era where website performance dictates user experience - directly influencing site success metrics like page views and time on site - the Drupal community has worked tirelessly to make Drupal’s performance best-in-class. Now, as a result of an ongoing collaboration between the Google Chrome team and Tag1 Consulting, Drupal’s performance and scalability are getting a major boost. We are excited to announce a new open source automated performance testing framework, designed and...