In this second part (check the first part!) of our Tag1 Team Talk on Gander, the new Automated Performance Testing Framework integrated into Drupal Core, we get a live demo from Nat Catchpole (aka. Catch), the lead developer on the project. Nat takes us on a tour through this high-impact tool developed by Tag1 in collaboration with the Google Chrome Team, showing you how you can get up and running with automated performance testing for your projects.

Gander is poised to significantly impact Drupal's user experience, performance and Core Web Vitals by creating visibility into how Drupal performs on the front and back end. Catch shares his expert insights into the development and application of Gander and shows how easy it is for developers to start extending and using this today on their projects!

Whether you're a Drupal developer looking to improve your project's performance or simply curious about the latest in Drupal technology, this episode offers valuable knowledge and practical advice on getting your Drupal website to perform optimally. With discussions on Gander's immediate benefits and future potential in the Drupal community, this episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in taking their projects to the next level!

For the transcript see: Gander Automated Performance Testing- Demo.


Photo by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash