In our latest episode of Tag1 Team Talks, we discuss the growing consciousness around sustainability, how it pertains to Drupal, and the future of the web. Join our Tag1 host, Mariano Crivello, and panelists Mike Gifford of Civic Actions, Tim Lehnen (hestenet) of the Drupal Association and Michael Meyers of Tag1 for a roundtable discussion on sustainability and the Web.

The informative conversation touches on several topics like legislation, shifts in industry, and community efforts across the web. We then dig in on the Sustainability Initiative in the Drupal community, how you can participate, and how we should use the new #sustainability tag in the issue queue!

A highlight of the discussion is the introduction of Gander, an automated performance testing framework developed by Tag1 in collaboration with the Google Chrome team. Gander is integrated into the Drupal QA system, enabling performance monitoring and ensuring that new changes or fixes to the Drupal core do not negatively impact performance. This tool enhances the user experience by improving overall site speed and aligns well with the goals of the new sustainability initiative.

Important Links

For a transcript of this video and podcast see Exploring Drupal’s Sustainability Project, Gander's Ability to Help, and How You Can Too.

Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash