Michael Meyers

Discover what sustainability really means in tech in our latest Tag1 Team Talks episode. Learn how the Drupal community contributes to this vital cause and how you can get involved

Lynette Miles

We are honored and grateful that the Drupal Association (DA) added this acknowledgment to recognize the financial and resource contributions that Tag1 Consulting has made and continues to make to the DA and the Drupal Community

Lynette Miles

Automated deployment of software - whether it’s new packages, patches, or configuration changes - is a fact of life in modern software development and management. Automated infrastructure, however, is a newer set of tools and processes. With Amazon EKS and Pulumi, Tag1 is tackling these challenges to meet the needs of Fortune 500 customers.

Lynette Miles

Today’s business reality is nearly every company needs at least one website in order to be successful in their business. As organizations get larger, the number of websites companies need also increases. From Human Resources, to sales support, to customer service and support, different groups in your organization may have some similar needs, but different access levels. Making these websites turnkey can reduce the amount of time your IT or devops teams need to spend...

Lynette Miles

When you think about Drupal.org’s infrastructure - what it takes to keep the website running, one of the first names that comes to mind is Tag1 CTO Narayan Newton. Narayan has long been the head of the team that keeps Drupal.org secure and available to everyone. In this Tag1 Team Talk, in our 20 years of Drupal series, Managing Director Michael Meyers talks with Narayan about how he got started, some...

Lynette Miles

As we continue to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Drupal, we approach the project from a different angle. Today’s Tag1 Team Talk guest is Senior Infrastructure Engineer Greg Lund-Chaix. Greg’s experience includes not only Tag1, but wealth of experience gained in the Oregon State University Open Source Lab. While Greg’s name may not be prevalent in Drupal’s code, his contributions have nonetheless helped Drupal become what it is today. In this...

Preston So

Throughout Drupal's history, contributors have rallied around Drupal.org as the single source of truth for both the code running Drupal and the infrastructure powering Drupal's issue queues, source control, and automated testing. As the Drupal Association continues on its journey to integrate GitLab features with Drupal.org, we're beginning to see the first glimpses of how Drupal contribution and issue management will evolve thanks to cutting-edge functionality like merge requests and issue forks in GitLab.

Hunter Lannon

One of the annoying things about web hosting is managing certificates - nobody wants to spend time creating Certificate Signing Requests and checking emails for expiry notices. They expire, and domains change and become invalid, leaving a system administrator to communicate with a Certificate Authority (CA) to get new certificates and install them on the servers that need them. This manual process is tiring, boring, and has the potential to bring downtime to your services.

Greg Lund-Chaix

Recently, we were working with one of our clients to diagnose high load on their web servers. We traced the cause of the load to an opcache_reset() call used after code deploys as a way of preventing the PHP OpCache from overfilling as new code was deployed to the servers. The issue was due to (and resolved by)bug #72590, but troubleshooting the problem prompted us to look at ways to non-intrusively restart PHP-FPM. While it...