Throughout Drupal's history, contributors have rallied around as the single source of truth for both the code running Drupal and the infrastructure powering Drupal's issue queues, source control, and automated testing. As the Drupal Association continues on its journey to integrate GitLab features with, we're beginning to see the first glimpses of how Drupal contribution and issue management will evolve thanks to cutting-edge functionality like merge requests and issue forks in GitLab. But what happens with all of the surrounding tooling for, including DrupalCI and the longstanding issue queues themselves?

Soon, for the first time, Drupal contributors will be able to create merge requests and issue forks that make reviewing, suggesting changes to, and testing code much easier across the board. All activity will be reported back to the issue on, but contributors will be able to provide direct code comments and code review on the merge request as well. With's massive store of metadata, landing on the optimal solution required significant discovery and evaluation of how Drupal contribution would change in light of the move to GitLab. And with an initial beta launched just before DrupalCon Global this year, there are already more than a hundred projects in the Drupal ecosystem participating in the program.

In another special edition of our Tag1 Team Talks series, learn about what features will be part of's support for merge requests and issue forks, what the future of DrupalCI looks like in light of modern approaches to automated testing, and how you can not only take advantage of the ongoing beta but also how you can get involved as a contributor to one of the most important initiatives in Drupal's history. Join Tim Lehnen (Chief Technology Officer, Drupal Association), Neil Drumm (Senior Technologist, Drupal Association), Michael Meyers (Managing Director, Tag1 Consulting), and your host Preston So (Editor in Chief, Tag1 Consulting) for a fireside chat about the future of contribution and collaboration on



For a transcript of this video, see Transcript: The inside story on's coming support for merge requests and issue forks - Tag1 TeamTalk #022.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash