Lynette Miles

We are honored and grateful that the Drupal Association (DA) added this acknowledgment to recognize the financial and resource contributions that Tag1 Consulting has made and continues to make to the DA and the Drupal Community

Preston So

Throughout Drupal's history, contributors have rallied around as the single source of truth for both the code running Drupal and the infrastructure powering Drupal's issue queues, source control, and automated testing. As the Drupal Association continues on its journey to integrate GitLab features with, we're beginning to see the first glimpses of how Drupal contribution and issue management will evolve thanks to cutting-edge functionality like merge requests and issue forks in GitLab.

Preston So

Over the course of Drupal’s lengthy history, one of the most common feature requests has been automatic updates. A common complaint of Drupal site administrators, especially those who have smaller sites updated less frequently, is the frequently complex and drawn-out process required to update a Drupal site from one minor version to another. Updates can involve a difficult set of highly specific steps that challenge even the most patient among us. Indeed, many in the...

Michael Meyers

Automatic updates are coming to Drupal at the end of October! Long one of the most commonly requested features in the Drupal community, Drupal 7 and D8 will soon have an automatic updater that will allow Drupal installations to stay up-to-date more easily. How does Drupal's new auto updater work, and what do you need to know about it? In this Tag1 Team Talk, we dive into not only Drupal's new automatic updates feature itself...

Narayan Newton

Tag1 Consulting is sponsoring my work on Infrastructure. What this means is that instead of working on whenever I can, I get to spend 20 paid hours per week on infrastructure. In return for this, I have agreed to write a blog entry per month describing some of my work in detail. These will be entries covering security, performance, high-availability configuration and anything else interesting in my work on Hopefully these...