Lynette Miles

In previous posts we’ve talked about Goose, and Gaggles, and how they work. Running Goose for an actual client load test is the true test of its use and, like any software, one of the best ways to find out where additional improvements can be made. Here, we’ll walk through how we set up and proceeded through a test with a Tag1 client, what we found, and where, and what Goose improvements are being added...

Lynette Miles

At DrupalCon Global 2020, Moshe Weitzman, Senior Architect and Project Lead at Tag1, and the creator of Drush (the Drupal Command Line), presented his case for a more robust command line tool for Drupal administration. Many Drupal developers and website builders rely on command line tools to get their work done.

Lynette Miles

Moshe Weitzman, Senior Architect and Project Lead, gave a talk at DrupalCon Global 2020 to introduce Drupal Test Traits -- a new open source project started by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Drupal Test Traits (DTT) are designed for use with Drupal websites that have existing content, where part of your testing includes checking your content, instead of tearing your website down and reinstalling Drupal.

Peta Hoyes

Tag1 is a proud Platinum sponsor of DrupalCon Global. Find the slides for our contributed talks attached. I was just talking to my team about how much I liked how the DA put on this DrupalCon Global virtual conference. Despite the short lead time DA had to prepare, it worked! Hopin had very few hiccups; I actually got to focus (better, oddly) on some of the talks/presentations; and I had wonderful wide-ranging (unscripted), but deep...

Preston So

Quality assurance (QA) is no longer the phrase that drove developers to recoil in horror and customers to run away to examine their balance sheets. Testing is quickly transforming the way developers work as the number of solutions and approaches increases substantially, especially in recent years. Given the continued promulgation of compelling solutions when it comes to continuous integration (CI) and new software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors, testing is now a prerequisite rather than an afterthought. Nevertheless...