Tag1 is a proud Platinum sponsor of DrupalCon Global. Find the slides for our contributed talks attached.

I was just talking to my team about how much I liked how the DA put on this DrupalCon Global virtual conference. Despite the short lead time DA had to prepare, it worked! Hopin had very few hiccups; I actually got to focus (better, oddly) on some of the talks/presentations; and I had wonderful wide-ranging (unscripted), but deep conversations in a big group at the Tag1 virtual booth. Plus, I even left my Hobbit Hole in the Shire to give a talk with my team. Miracles, indeed!

The only two downsides were timezone management and not having work-related meeting conflicts interrupting my attendance (the downside from IRL conferences). DA harnessed a lot of Black Girl Magic this year. Thanks to Heather and all of the DA for pulling us out of the woodwork!

You can see how much this community does give voice to all of of our stripes, just looking at the speakers, topics, guidelines — it's all very inclusive and thoughtful.

Thanks to everyone that made the first virtual DrupalCon a big success!

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