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Tag1 has built a reputation on elevating projects and teams across the globe. With architecture oversight, audit, gatekeeping, and rescue services, we ensure your company's website performs at its "peak"—always.

  • Symantec Enlists Tag1 for Web Security for Its Cybersecurity Products and an Innovative Decoupled Architecture for Integrations
  • Foreo Drives Millions of Dollars of Revenue During the Holiday Seasons with Tag1’s Technical Architecture and Leadership
  • ACLU Partners with Tag1 to Raise Most-Ever $120M in Donations at Mission-Critical Moments

Jeremy Andrews

Founding Partner/CEO

Narayan Newton


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Financial Manager

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Managing Director

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Senior Engineer, Search Lead

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Senior Architect | Technical Lead

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Vice President of Software Engineering

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Senior Infrastructure Engineer

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Senior Architect | Technical Lead

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Free Software Generalist, Python+Django Engineer

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Infrastructure Engineer

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Senior Software Engineer

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Senior Engineer, Multimedia Lead

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Project Manager | Scrum Master

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Senior iOS Developer

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Mobile Application Developer

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Lucas Hedding

Senior Backend Engineer & Migration Lead

Lynette Miles

Principal Technical Writer

Marcin Grabias

Drupal Developer

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Senior Software Engineer

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Senior Software Engineer | Drupal Migrations Expert

Michell Thomas

Business Development & Project Manager

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Migration Guru

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Senior Software Engineer

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Senior Architect & Project Lead

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Senior Frontend Engineer

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Senior Backend Engineer | Technical Lead

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Editor in Chief

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Senior Backend Engineer

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Senior Frontend Engineer

Scott Hadfield

Senior Engineer | Project Lead

Tim Bozeman

Senior Engineer

Travis Whitehead

Infrastructure Engineer

Lynette Miles

The end of life for Drupal 7 (Nov 2022) and Drupal 8 (Nov 2021) is no surprise to anyone who’s been using Drupal. But what happens to websites who still want or need to run these older versions - especially Drupal 7? Does the Drupal security team really not have anything to do with end of lifed versions of software?

Lynette Miles

Tag1 continues its series celebrating 20 Years of Drupal in this Tag1 Team Talk with Pantheon’s Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships, James Rutherford. Before moving to Pantheon, James was a long time member of Mediacurrent, one of the largest agencies working with and creating Drupal websites. James joins Tag1 Managing Director Michael Meyers for another trip down the halls of Drupal history, from early versions of Drupal, to today’s highly experienced agencies...

Lynette Miles

Drupal’s Security Team has been one of the most critical and long-lasting sub-groupings throughout the entire existence of Drupal as an open source project. This team of volunteers evaluates, processes, and reviews security reports and fixes, helping to ensure that Drupal as a project maintains its status as highly secure software. In this Tag1 Team Talk, Tag1 Managing Director Michael Meyers is joined by Drupal Security Team member Michael Hess. In this installment, they will...

Lynette Miles

In a previous Tag1 Team Talk, we discussed How to analyze Goose load testing results using New Relic. During testing, a bug was discovered! This team talk goes into detail about what the bug was, how they narrowed down the scope of the problem, and how to fix it. In this test, Goose found a problem with Drupal’s Quick Edit feature. Quick Edit is a staple of content creators, enabling them to make changes directly...