Tag1’s 20 years of Drupal series continues with Alex Ross (bleen | Drupal.org), Sr. Director of Software Engineering at NBC Universal. Alex’s long experience with Drupal starts like many others - where he fell into it almost by accident. From his beginnings as a ‘dumpster diver’ in the issue queue, to becoming an organizer for Drupal Camp NYC, Alex has contributed to Drupal and the community in significant ways.

Join Tag1 Managing Director Michael Meyers as he and Alex talk about the history of NYC Drupal Camp, Alex’s journey with and beyond Drupal, and the ups and downs of the changes that have come to Drupal over the last 20 years. You’ll also hear about being a module owner and maintainer, and get a first-hand account of working with the Drupal Security team!

For a transcript of this video, see Transcript - 20 years of Drupal with Alex Ross.

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These are some of the prominent modules Alex has worked on or maintains:

Photo by Juan Pablo Mascanfroni on Unsplash