If you know anything about Drupal, you know Angie Byron (webchick). Angie has been at the center of the community nearly since her first contribution to the project, over a decade and a half ago. Between her ‘friendly helpful lioness’ persona, her mentorship, her development skills, and her commitment to hearing needs and finding solutions with consensus, she has been a cornerstone of ‘what the Drupal community is about’.

This session of our 20 years of Drupal series features Angie, as she talks with Tag1 Managing Director Michael Meyers. Angie’s career spans from college where she was a Google Summer of Code participant getting her start in Drupal, to Lullabot, to Acquia where she was tasked with doing the work she’d been doing informally for years, to her current position at MongoDB. When Drupalists say “Come for the code, stay for the community”, Angie is one of the key people that have made the community what it is.

For a transctipt of this video, see Transcript - 20 years of Drupal with Angie Byron.

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash