Developers aren’t the only people involved in making Drupal great. It takes the input of designers, writers, product managers, marketers and end users to help make the best software for the most people. In this Tag1 Team Talk celebrating 20 Years of Drupal, we have one of those non-developers: Dawn Aly. Dawn has been an open source proponent through her career, from her first use of Drupal, to VP of digital strategy at Mediacurrent, and on to product manager for customer digital experience at Red Hat. Dawn’s long experience exemplifies how non-developers are critical to the success of Drupal.

Tag1 Consulting's Managing Director Michael Meyers interviews Dawn about her time in open source software as a non-developer, and how that has shaped her career path. Not only is Dawn a strategist and product manager, she is also a Certified Scrum Product Owner. Join us today for this different perspective on Drupal, Drupal projects, and being part of the community.

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For a transcript of this video, see Transcript - 20 years of Drupal with Dawn Aly.

Photo by Balázs Kétyi on Unsplash