In today’s electronically driven communication world, data security is no small matter. What’s safe? Who do you trust? Who else can access your data, and do you even know who those people or companies are selling it to?

A critical part of data security is encryption. It protects everything from our personal information, helping prevent identity theft, financial information like your bank account and credit card from being accessed, to company secrets. According to a 2019 CNBC article, cyberattacks cost businesses an average of $200,000, with 43% of attacks being aimed at small businesses.

What can your business do to help ensure your data is protected, while still enabling collaboration? Take a deep dive into understanding end to end encryption, and how emerging technologies like Yjs can be incorporated to meet your needs. Tag1 Managing Director Michael Meyers and VP of Software Development Fabian Franz are joined by Yjs creator Kevin Jahns, and Nik Graf, a technology consultant and creator of Serenity Notes in this Tag1 Team Talk.

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Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash