ReasonML is a functional programming language that has built-in React support, JavaScript-like syntax, and a highly efficient toolchain optimized for code management and compilation. With seamless interoperability with existing JavaScript and originally written by Facebook, ReasonML is quickly becoming a language of choice not only for functional programming enthusiasts well-versed in OCaml but also for React architects and developers who need better state handling and more robust typing.

Already leveraged by mission-critical applications at organizations as diverse as Sotheby's, McKinsey, and the Coda blockchain, ReasonML is an optimal choice for developers who need typed data integrity at every point in the application and a more failsafe approach to React. Today, ReasonML developers are using the technology to alleviate the pain of a hard-to-refactor React codebase, overly lengthy ES6 and TypeScript compilation times, and the "overpowered" nature of TypeScript as a source of choice paralysis and code complexity.

In this episode of Tag1 Team Talks, Patrick Stapfer (Lead React Developer at Tag1 and Member of the Reason Association) sits down with Michael Meyers (Managing Director at Tag1) and your host and moderator Preston So (Editor in Chief at Tag1 and Senior Director, Product Strategy at Oracle) for a deep dive into ReasonML, its features when it comes to syntax and developer experience, real-world applications that are ideal for ReasonML, and last but not least, the rapidly growing community and ecosystem surrounding ReasonML in the form of the Reason Association and ReasonConf. Learn about how ReasonML can help you build resilient web applications with a high threshold for stability on the latest Tag1 Team Talks episode.

Links The Reason Association: and the new ReasonML documentation platform

Fast-ED (auto first-responder app for paramedics to assess patients symptoms of brain strokes): See the ReasonConf Talk about it here

Railway Safety App by for French / Swiss railway traffic reporting: See the ReasonConf talk here

Coda Blockchain Wallet - See wallet codebase here

InfoQ Presentation: ECMAScript 2077 ReasonML - (in Portuguese)

For a transcript of this video, see Transcript: A deep dive into ReasonML: Building resilient apps with high stability - Tag1 TeamTalk #015.

Photo by Fabio Comparelli on Unsplash