The end of life for Drupal 7 (Nov 2022) and Drupal 8 (Nov 2021) is no surprise to anyone who’s been using Drupal. But what happens to websites who still want or need to run these older versions - especially Drupal 7? Does the Drupal Security Team really not have anything to do with end of lifed versions of software?

In this second part of our Core Confidential Tag1 Team Talk with Drupal Security Team member Michael Hess, Tag1's Michael Meyers asks these questions and more. Learn what the security team does, and doesn’t do when a software version is out of community support, and how you can get help if you aren’t ready to move to Drupal 9. You’ll also learn how the security team works with Drupal extended support vendors like Tag1 Consulting.

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For a transcript of this video, see Transcript - Drupal Security and Drupal end of life, with Michael Hess.

Photo by SIMON LEE on Unsplash