We are pleased to announce Drupal Watchdog as the name of our print magazine dedicated to Drupal! A lot has been happening since our previous announcement, with an impressive array of authors committing to contributing content for our premiere issue. The first issue will focus primarily on all things Drupal 7, and will cover beginner, intermediate and advanced topics. Future updates with more detail on the article content appearing in issue #1 will be found on the magazine's website at http://drupalwatchdog.com/.

The name, Drupal Watchdog, is in part a reference to the watchdog() function used to report on what is going on in Drupal websites. Our goal is that Drupal Watchdog Magazine be a fantastic resource for tracking what is going on in the Drupal World.

Some of the feature content we have planned in Issue #1 includes (this is subject to change):

  • From Photoshop Image To Drupal 7 Theme
  • An In-Depth Interview With Dries Buytaert
  • What's New In Views 3
  • Writing Drupal 7 Modules
  • Think Drupal: The Site Planning Formula
  • Building Websites With Views
  • New Performance Features In Drupal 7
  • Drupal 7 Content Administration
  • Where Are We Going In Drupal 8?

Beyond the featured content, there are many other articles and columns filling this 64-page glossy print magazine dedicated to Drupal. Look for Drupal Watchdog in your Chicago DrupalCon tote bag.

We continue to look for contributors and advertisers, but print deadlines are fast approaching so don't wait to reach out!