Funding your interests isn’t always easy, and that’s true of many open source projects as well. The majority of open source projects are created and maintained by people working on their projects in their spare time. For some, their employers or other companies are willing and able to sponsor open source development projects, enabling their maintainers to do work they would not otherwise be able to do.

In this Tag1 Team Talk, CodeMirror and ProseMirror, and Acorn project founder Marijn Haverbeke joins Tag1 Managing Director Michael Meyers, Vice President of Software Engineering Fabian Franz, and Yjs creator Kevin Jahns to talk about how Marijn funds his projects, and the expectations that can come with that funding.

For more from Marijn, see part one of this series, where we talk about how Marijn runs his projects.

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Photo by Sam Dan Truong on Unsplash