We’re reminded this week of how long-lasting and impactful our contributions can be as we celebrate CentOS turning 15 years old this week!

As a contributor to CentOS since the beginning, Tag1’s very own Jeff Sheltren was interviewed by TheCentOSProject to reflect on his involvement. Summary below the video clip:

  • Jeff first started working with CentOS when migrating away from Solaris while working at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) (2004/2005)
  • Jeff wrote one of the first scripts to define custom yum groups to maintain package install repos.
  • Invited to the QA Team on CentOS 5, Jeff reviewed packages through each release cycle—helping to ensure consistency and stability.
  • By CentOS 7, the larger scope of the release drove the need for more public communications around upcoming changes. Jeff led the QA team in external communications, documenting and soliciting outside feedback for the first time in CentOS’ history with a public QA release.

At Tag1, we’re happy to be a part of great open source communities and projects like CentOS. To be open source at heart is to embrace the culture of asking and answering questions in an open forum, and to contribute is to lead others into a better future we can all share together.

Thank you to everyone who has worked and continues to work on the CentOS project!