Dries Buytaert’s name is known to everyone in the Drupal community. As the originator of the project, project lead, and co-founder of Acquia, Dries has been a pivotal person in the success of Drupal. During this interview, you’ll learn more about some of the accomplishments, accidents, and purposeful decisions that have made Drupal what it is today.

While Drupal is an open source project, based in code, many of the things that have made it the CMS that powers 1 out of every 30 websites, are not the code - they’re also the marketing that convinces new users to try Drupal, and the people who make up the community and own necessary portions of the project.

As part of our series of talks with Open Source Leaders, Tag1 Consulting’s Managing Director Michael Meyers, VP of Software Engineering Fabian Franz, and Yjs founder Kevin Jahns talk with Dries about the origins of Drupal, and how it grew as a project and a community. We’ll also tie back to our Tag1 looks back on 20 years of Drupal experiences 20 years of Drupal series to talk about how community members can be critical to the growth and adoption of an open source project.

For a transcript of this video, see Transcript: Open Source Leaders - Dries Buytaert - part 1.

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Photo by David Becker on Unsplash