Disaster response is a critical humanitarian effort, requiring collaboration and organization - sometimes on a massive scale. From earthquakes in Nepal and Haiti to hurricanes in the Bahamas and other massive disasters, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) is a resource for relief efforts.

Emma Jane Hogbin of OCHA joins Managing Director Michael Meyers in this Tag1 Team Talk on OCHA, what it does, and how OCHA works to ensure humanitarian groups have the information they need to quickly respond to disaster. Emma Jane is a long time Drupal community member, and has authored multiple books on Drupal and Git.

Join Emma Jane and Michael as they talk about what OCHA does, their role in humanitarian disaster response, and how their office is streamlining technology to aid teams on the ground.

For a transcript of this video, see Transcript: Inside UN OCHA with Emma Jane Hogbin.

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Photo by CDC on Unsplash