We are looking to pay talented authors to contribute articles to a print Drupal magazine. Issue #1 will be distributed at the Chicago Drupalcon, and will focus on Drupal 7. The newstand-quality magazine will be a content-rich resource that aims to both introduce Drupal to a wider audience, and be an invaluable resource to existing Drupal users and developers.

Additional information will be posted online soon. However, in the interests of participating in the worlwide celebration of the release of Drupal 7, and in order to give authors the maximum time allowed by tight scheduling constraints, we're making our first public announcement today.

We will publish only two issues of the Drupal print magazine in 2011, timed for availability at Drupalcon Chicago and Drupalcon London.

Read on for key information on how to contribute, and help us spread the word!


By January 14th, potential authors will need to submit a one paragraph synopsis of their proposed contribution, and a brief statement as to why they are an authority on this subject. Editors will respond indicating whether or not the propsal is likely to be included in the magazine, and how it will be categorized.

By January 31st, authors must submit a completed rough draft of all contributions, including a description of any supporting content (pictures, diagrams, tables, etc). A payment rate will be established and editors will guide authors on getting the contribution into a publishable state.

February 11th is the absolute latest date to submit completed contributions and all supporting content to be included in issue #1. Editors will complete the editorial process without the review of the contributing author.


The Drupal magazine will be comprised of three primary types of contributions: articles, columns, and features. The amount to be paid depends on the type of contribution, the length and quality of the writing, the quality of supporting content, and the timeliness of the contribution. An estimated payment will be provided upon receipt of the completed rough draft. A final payment will be determined upon formal acceptance of the completed contribution.

The following guidelines will help you to target your contribution, and to estimate potential earnings. All payments will be issued in US dollars, either via check or PayPal.

We are seeking approximately 30 articles for inclusion in issue #1, ranging in length from 250 to 1,200 words. Payment for articles will range from $88 to $420.

We will publish approximately 8 feature articles in issue #1, ranging in length from 1,800 words to 3,000 words. Payment for feature articles will range from $900 to $1,500.

We will require around 10 columnists to commit to writing columns for both issue #1 and issue #2. Columns should have a general theme and can be opinion based or of a technical nature. They will range from 800 to 1,200 words, with payment ranging from $440 to $660 per issue.

Contract and Copyright

We do not guarantee to purchase all articles submitted. If we do purchase an article, payment is for first rights, compilation rights, and translation rights. We are under no obligation to publish articles we purchase, and we do not pay kill fees.

When you submit an article, you agree to not submit the article anywhere else unless 1) you explicitly notify us in writing that you have withdrawn your proposal and you then receive a written (emailed) confirmation from Tag1 Publishing freeing you from this contract, or 2) we reject your article for inclusion in this magazine. We are only unable to approve requests for withdrawing articles if they are already scheduled for publication.

By submitting an article you are agreeing to allow us to use your article in an unlimited number of compilations and translations in any medium. Two weeks after your article has been published and distributed either online or in the print magazine, you are free to use it for any other purpose, as you retain the copyright on your article.


The first issue will primarily focus on Drupal 7, however we will also consider articles applicable to Drupal 6 and future releases (aka Drupal 8). We are targeting a wide audience, thus we are looking for both technical and non-technical content. Submissions can range from basic introductory concepts and high level howto guides, to highly technical details on what is going on "under the hood". Articles must in be in some way relevant to Drupal and/or Drupal users.

We will be looking for feature articles covering what's new and how to use all the features in Drupal 7 core, as well as the most popular contributed modules such as Views and CCK/Fields.

Please contact submissions@tag1publishing.com with all questions and article proposals.


We will post announcements as we open up new channels of distribution for the Drupal magazine. Issue #1 will be available at the Chicago Drupalcon, and annual subscriptions will soon be available online.


If you are interested in advertising in the #1 issue of the Drupal magazine, please look for an additional announcement soon. You may also send queries to advertising@tag1publishing.com. A media kit including pricing information will be made available soon.

Magazine name

Announcement of the official name of this Drupal oriented magazine is pending the completion of legal contracts and technical details.

More Information

This effort is brought to you by Tag1 Publishing, and made possible by Tag1 Consulting, Inc. A portion of net profits will be donated to the Drupal association. Watch for additional announcements here. If looking for more information, please contact Jeremy Andrews at jeremy@tag1publishing.com, or 877-875-8824 x100.