Why was Web Profiler spun out of the Devel module? Will there be differences between the D9 and D10 versions? What new features will the Web Profiler module have in Drupal 10?

Listen to a fascinating chat between our Michael Meyers, Fabian Franz, and Luca Lusso, Lead Developer at SparkFabrik, as they take a dive into one of Luca's latest module contributions.

Luca is a maintainer of both modules, Web Profiler, Devel along with 32 others. In this Tag1 Team Talk Luca demonstrates how Web Profiler is currently working in the latest D10 beta, as well as what new features, like the inclusion of Google's Core Web Vitals, that he's polishing up for the Drupal 10 version of Web Profiler, expected in December.

You'll also take away a sense of the human developer behind all these contributions as Luca talks about what brought him to the Drupal community and what help he is looking for to support the latest version. Check out this and more in the Tag1 Team Talk: Performance Tuning with Luca Lusso using Web Profiler.

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For a transcript of this video, see Transcript - Luca Lusso on Performance Tuning with Drupal Web Profiler.

Photo by Wengang Zhai on Unsplash