Please note - this episode of Tag1 Team Talks has some audio issues, and may occasionally skip or jump.

In this episode of our Tag1 Team Talks on 20 Years of Drupal, we’re fortunate to have Michael Anello, aka ultimike. Michael is the co-founder of DrupalEasy - the Drupal training and development shop based out of central Florida. He’s also one of the drivers behind the DrupalEasy podcast, one of the longest running and most prolific podcasts in the Drupal community.

Please join Managing Director Michael Meyers as he asks all the questions about the founding of DrupalEasy, the corresponding podcast, and what it means to the Drupal community. They’ll also discuss the success of the Florida Drupalcamp and Anello’s time facilitating it, and how it and other Drupal events have changed over the years. Anello also talks about his time as a core maintainer for the Migrate module, as well as working with the Drupal Association as part of the Community Working Group and Conflict Resolution Team.

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Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash