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In another Halloween-themed episode of Tag1 Team Talks, Janez Urevc shared a challenging migration story from his past. The project involved transitioning a media organization from an in-house proprietary CMS to Drupal, facing resistance from the existing development team attached to their custom system.

Despite technical hurdles and internal opposition, the migration succeeded through an incremental approach, running both the old and new systems in parallel. Notably, they went live just before a national parliamentary election, handling a surge in traffic without major issues.

However, the project struggled due to team dynamics, internal divisions, and leadership's over-optimism. The internal team and consultants brought in for the migration didn't collaborate well, leading to burnout and the dissolution of both teams.

This story emphasizes the importance of managing user adoption, fostering collaboration, and addressing leadership challenges in migration projects. It serves as a valuable lesson for organizations planning similar transitions.

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For a transcript of this video, see Transcript: Scary Drupal Migrations with Janez Urevc.

Scary Migrations Benji | Scary Migrations Janez |

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