Hosted by Mariano Crivello, join us as Adam Silverstein, from Google and Janez Urevc of Tag1 discuss Google's new metric, Interaction to Next Paint(INP), which is part of the Core Web Vitals being introduced in March 2024 to foster user experience on the web.

Adam gives a comprehensive overview. INP focuses on measuring the responsiveness of web pages to user inputs, aiming to capture the quality of interactions beyond just load times. A good INP score is defined as 200 milliseconds or less, with a particular emphasis on mobile performance due to the variability in device capabilities and network conditions. Adam highlighted the shift from First Input Delay (FID) to INP, noting that INP offers a more comprehensive measure of interactivity throughout the entire lifecycle of a page. He also presents data showing the current performance of Drupal sites in relation to Core Web Vitals, emphasizing the importance of focusing on mobile optimization and the impact of INP on future web performance metrics.

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For a transcript of this video, see :Shifting from FID to INP: Google's New Metric for Improving Web Performance.


Image by Daniel Kirsch from Pixabay