Drupal 6 reached its end of life Feb 24th, 2016. With that end of support, a number of vendors stepped up to take part in the Long Term Support program (LTS). Tag1 Consulting was one of the vendors that have continued to provide support for D6 websites since that time.

It’s been six years since that official end of life. LTS vendors committed to three years of support, and Tag1 has continued to provide a service to the community for twice that long. Most of those early LTS clients have long since migrated to other versions of Drupal, or have moved in different directions.

With this massively reduced need for Drupal 6 support, Tag1 Consulting has made the decision to bring our Drupal 6 LTS program to an end in October 2022. As we close the project down, we’ll be working with our current base of Drupal 6 customers to ensure their platform is as stable and secure as possible, or they have a plan to migrate.

If you’re still running a Drupal 6 website, and need help upgrading to a supported version of Drupal, or migrating to a new platform, contact us for help.

Read the End of Drupal 6 vendor support announcement on Drupal.org

Photo by David Mullins on Unsplash