DrupalCon Europe 2020 took place from December 8-11, 2020. Like the earlier DrupalCon Global conference in July 2020, it was moved to a virtual conference due to the global Coronavirus pandemic.

DrupalCon Europe gives the opportunity to hear from more members of the community who live outside the United States, and may not have the opportunity or ability to participate in DrupalCon Global, which takes place in North America. Being able to hear the diverse voices of the community, from around the world, is part of what makes the Drupal project a leader in open source projects.

Tag1 Consulting had several speakers giving or participating in presentations at this year’s conference.

  • D7 & D8 go End of Life in 2021 - What does that mean, and what are my options? Slides | Video (Michael Meyers and Jeremy Andrews)
  • Caching and performance deep dive 2.0 - A practical workshop Slides | Video (Fabian Franz)
  • Drupal.org update Video (Narayan Newton)

Thank you to the Drupal Association and everyone who worked to make this conference a success in these difficult times!

For more of Tag1's content for and about DrupalCon, see DrupalCons!

Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash