The last two years have been eventful for most of us, and the Drupal community is no exception to that. From the shift to online DrupalCons and their return to in person this year, to new releases of Drupal and the revisiting of old ones, it’s been a momentous time. Drupal 7 was originally scheduled to reach end of life (community support) in November of 2021. This was extended to 2022 due to the COVID pandemic, and then extended again to 2023 in February of 2022. This final extension includes caveats that could see Drupal 7 continuing to have community support for several additional years beyond the original date and extension.

Drupal 6 however, is finally finishing off its long term support program. After six and a half years, the program will end in October 2022.

In this edition of Tag1 Team Talks, Managing Director Michael Meyers is joined by Tim Lehnen, CTO of the Drupal Association. This talk covers everything from why the decision was made to extend Drupal 7’s EOL, to who is responsible for covering what parts of the platform. They’ll also go over who can help, and how! You’ll also learn about what drove the decision to wrap up the D6LTS program.

For a transcript of this video, see Transcript: D6LTS wind down and D7 extension with Tim Lehnen.

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Photo by Steven Lasry on Unsplash