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Drupal 7 was supposed to go end-of-life in June of this year, when Drupal 9 was released, but owing to the coronavirus pandemic, Drupal maintainers have extended the Drupal 7 end-of-life to November 2021 due to the significant proportion of Drupal site owners who are still on that version. Tag1 Quo, Tag1's extended support service for Drupal, offers you peace of mind when it comes to receiving all of the important security updates that Drupal 7 Extended Support (D7ES) vendors maintain. But Tag1 Quo goes well beyond the minimum requirements of the D7ES program, because we cover all of your contributed modules and notify you right away of security patches that need your attention.

In this special three-part series, join Tag1's Jeremy Andrews (Founder and CEO), Michael Meyers (Managing Director), and your Tag1 Team Talks host Preston So (Editor in Chief) for a wide-ranging conversation about extended support in Drupal, what Drupal 7 site owners need to know today about extended support, and how Tag1 Quo is the optimal solution among D7ES vendors for your mission-critical Drupal 7 implementations. When it comes to Drupal 7 past end-of-life, Tag1 has your back.

Part 1| Part 2 | Part 3

For a transcript of this talk, see Transcript: Drupal 7 extended support- Pt. 2: An overview of the Tag1 Quo Drupal 7 extended support service & how it works. - Tag1 TeamTalk #028.2.

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