Goose is the highly scalable load testing framework preferred by Tag1. In this series of Team Talks on Goose, we’ll take a look at how Goose scales on a single server, while distributed, and CEO Jeremy Andrews, VP of Software Engineering Fabian Franz, and Managing Director Michael Meyers walk through a demonstration of Goose load testing. Jeremy is also the creator of Goose, and Fabian is a major contributor.

In this Team Talk, our load test runs in AWS and we're testing against Drupal 9 with the default Umami install against a Tag1 Kubernetes cluster fronted by the Fastly CDN. These tests start with a limited set of user functions, and we’ll ramp up from 1,000 users up to 8,000 simultaneous users and show you how performance changes.

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Photo by Kyle Van Alstyne on Unsplash