Tag1 Team members have touched on literally every aspect of the Drupal community. Besides direct code contributions, we've been heavily involved in maintaining code releases, and designing, implementing, and monitoring the infrastructure and more.

Our Team page describes many of the unique talents our consultants bring, including a link to their Drupal user page which details exact contributions. Here's an overview of our Drupal-fu:

Nathaniel has contributed numerous improvements in performance for Drupal 7 and has become an expert in all ways "7". In addition, Nathaniel is the Drupal 8 Maintainer. Narayan, Brandon, Jeff and Gerhard all work on the Drupal Infrastructure project, and Jeff and Narayan have worked at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab managing the Drupal hardware hands-on, as well as the infrastructure for hundreds of other open source projects. Marco wrote the original Taxonomy core module, one of the more useful features that makes Drupal stand apart. And Jeremy, Tag1's founder, has written many core modules and helped manage several Drupal releases.

  • Core statistics module
    The core statistics module was written by one of our founders, Jeremy Andrews. It is included with every copy of Drupal, providing real time statistics for Drupal powered websites all around the world.
  • Core throttle module
    The core throttle module was also written by Jeremy Andrews. It is included with every copy of Drupal, providing a mechanism for efficiently detecting load spikes and automatically disabling configurable portions of your Drupal powered website to reduce the load on your web server.
  • Spam module
    The spam module is a powerful collection of tools for automatically detecting and dealing with unwanted content being posted to your website. It includes a trainable Bayesian filter along with several other useful spam filtering tools.
  • Ad module
    This suite of modules provides a complete advertising solution for Drupal. Different ad types are provided through plug-in modules, such as for serving banner ads, text ads, and flash ads. The module can efficiently serve millions of advertisements a day across multiple websites, tracking when ads are viewed and when they are clicked. It also provides automatically generated notification emails, and offers a highly granular permissions system.
  • DBA module
    The DBA module allows you to manage the database serving your Drupal installation. You can directly perform queries, schedule backups, optimize tables, and much more.
  • Mailarchive module
    The mailarchive module utilize's PHP's mail handling functionality, allowing you to subscribe to any number of mailing lists. Messages received from these lifts will be stored in the database and made available through a easy to navigate user interface.